Relationships: TV: House - Lisa Cuddy and Gregory 'Greg' House
House and Cuddy have always had an electric chemistry, even from the start of the series. Cuddy is one of the few characters who can match House when it comes to sarcasm and wit. Though they might seem to hate each other due to their frequent arguments, they secretly enjoy and thrive off of their verbal battles. Besides, when it comes down to it, they genuinely trust and care for each other. Cuddy protects House and gives him leeway that she won't allow anyone else; she likes that he challenges her, and she admires his intellect. And for all House's talk about Cuddy being the devil (albeit with a great body), it's obvious he has feelings for her and is showing them the only way he knows how - by being a juvenile, occasionally jealous jackass. The two will never have a perfect "happily ever after" ending, but no relationship with House ever would.

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